Friday, 4 July 2008


What with our weekly trip to The Station Inn for Quiz Night, usually followed by a pint in The Black Horse and then on to Rosie's (hats off) to hear Carl Robinson, Thursday nights are always special. However Thursday June 26th was even more specialer than normal, because we were invited to the screening of a new feature film.

After winning the quiz, with the help of Cooky (Sludge Ghaut, The Frictions etc.), despite a controversial answer concerning Mrs Flanders out of The Simpsons, Andy, Kate, Chris Corner and myself made our way to The Bridge Inn at Ruswarp for a few preliminary drinks and some arty film chat.

Then it was off to Ruswarp's leading arthouse cinema, with its tiny state-of-the-art screen for the film itself. Refreshments including hot and cold drinks were on offer, together with a tempting array of snacks and some comfy chairs.

Alright then, we watched it at Kate's house on her laptop, but you've got to get into the spirit of these things, y'know!

The movie in question was The Tales Of Donkey The Whale 2, made by Chris Corner (Sludge Ghaut, Loki, The Frictions etc.) and Dave Ezra. For a 51 seconds long animated feature, it packs a lot in. Subjects such as isolation, alienation, fish fingers, weeing, global warmering and whether a penguin can hold a balloon are all covered. The dancing scene is a particular highlight.

As the director of the film was present, a post screening Question and Answer session took place, conducted by Kate. It is reproduced in full here in order to give an insight into the artistic mind that created this work:.

Kate: Fancy another beer Chris?

Chris: That'd be lovely, ta.

Kate: There's some Tunnock's teacakes on the table if you're partial?

Chris: I'd be rude to say no.

Kate: There's olives too, if you fancy one at some point?

Chris: Ooh no thanks. I don't like olives.

So grab a Tunnock's teacake and a can of Grolsch and relive that screening yourself. Both films, the original and the sequel, are presented here uncut for your delectation so you can make up your own minds. Popcorn is available in the foyer.


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