Tuesday, 1 July 2008



On Tuesday July 15th, which is just around the corner, Whitby Now are holding a fabulous Pop Quiz at The Station Inn. Surely the pub that serves the best beer in town. Top tip: Try the Daleside Blond. It's gorgeous!

For an entry fee of a measly £1 per contestant, you get the chance to pit your pop wits against the cream of the local music scene, I am led to believe. Teams of up to five pop quizzers are deemed acceptable, and one of the prizes may or may not be a cut out Cliff Richard on a stick! Although it has to be said, at time of going to press, no suitable Cliff cut out had been located. In fact no stick had been found either.

As a taste of what's to come and to hone your pop knowledge ready for the big event, here are three tester questions for the time being.

1. What do Morrissey and Beyonce Knowles have in common?

2. If Guns 'N' Roses played Rosie O'Grady's, which drink would Slash order as a refreshment between sets?

3. Who killed Kurt Cobain?

The answers are in the first comment under this item. Best of luck! See you there!


Chris said...

1. Neither has played in goal for Scottish club Cowdenbeath.

2. He would drink nothing, because he wouldn't be allowed in Rosie's due to the top hat he insists on wearing.

3. If you answered anything other than 'He committed suicide', you are clearly in posession of some information the FBI don't have. They are monitoring this blog, and two men in dark suits and shades will be round to your house within the hour to impound your computer, ransack your drawers and take you in a plane to The Pentagon for interrogation.

Happy Quizzing!

Jon said...

1. Although Ms Knowles and Mr Morrissey may have been passed over by Cowdenbeath (or perhaps they just missed the January transfer window), attention should be drawn to Morrissey's sterling performance in Arbroath's famous 36-0 victory over Bona Drag in 1885. Also, Beyoncé is well-known for playing the Diana Ross rôle in Destiny's Child - and who can forget Ms Ross's goal-hungry instincts as a striker in the Los Angeles Olympics?

2. That is not a top hat. His head is shaped like that. So few people understand his pain. You may be a poet, Chris, but you are an unfeeling monster.

3. Fuck it, I'm not going to do a Kurt Cobain joke. Sorry.

FredFlintstone said...

Will the use of the internet be allowed during the quiz? It's just I will be expecting a very important e-mail that night, so I must have my computer with internet access available.

Jon said...

The use of the internet should be allowed, but only if it is accessed via an aircraft hangar-sized megacomputer with whirring tapes and blinking lights, like the Billion Dollar Brain.

The Invisible Mice said...

I am told by the very strict Quiz Mistress that use of internet, phones or anything other than simple grey matter will be harshly punished!