Friday, 15 August 2008

Tuesday 19th August - Whitby Now Fundraiser

Whitby Now are planning another of their popular fundraisers which will take place at The Resolution on Tuesday 19th August. At our most recent fundraisers we have put on fairly loud rock based bands and we felt it was time to change the tempo a little and appeal to another audience and another branch of the musical talent tree of Whitby. So we are showcasing some of our acoustic acts which we think will go down particularly well as it is also Folk week and we think passing visitors will also like what they hear. So our line-up consists of

Fragile - Mark and Sally are both singer songwriters who both play various instruments and perform all their own material. They have a very lyrical sound and you can often hear echoes of the people they say have influenced them, such as , J.J.Cale, Joni Mitchell, Mahalia Jackson, Yes, Emilou Harris and Mark Knopfler.
This is Mark and Sally at last years' Whitby Now. Aren't they tiny?

James Wales
- James is stepping out of his Yabbadabbado shoes to do a completely solo acoustic set. He says he is shaking in those aforementioned shoes but feels it is important to continue challenging himself with new goals. He will be performing a mixture of his own and other peoples material.

This is James having a fag break outside the Spa Pavilion last week during our Regatta fun.

High Tide
- Liam Dudman and Jack Hogarth are already, despite their extreme youth, a very popular duo. The play both their own material alongside some lovely mellow tunes from the likes of Damien Rice, The Beatles and Eric Clapton. Their sound is very simple with just one guitar and 2 vocals but it works very well.

Ain't this just a delightful shot of our fresh faced duo?

Jon Horne
- Jon is a singer songwriter who oozes joie de vivre. He loves what he does and that really comes over in his performance. He has some new songs on his myspace if you would care to check them out. He is as daft a brush and doesn't care who knows it.
This is a picture of Jon at last years Whitby Now - which he really really really loved. Did he tell you that?

Leafy and Jamie
. Alethea Estill and Jamie Boyce are also venturing into new territory. They both play for a band called The D.T.'s but put this acoustic act together to perform at the Spa over the Regatta weekend when Whitby Now went Unplugged for the occasion. The liked it so much - they agreed to do it again.

This is how much fun Alethea (but you can call me Leafy!) had. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Panda Lasagne
- James, Mike and Sean are one of the liveliest acts on the Whitby scene and we weren't sure what to expect when we asked them to also go "unplugged" at the Regatta event. Could such a vibrant act entertain all the grannies and children having their tea and cakes at the Spa? Indeed they could, and as always James had everyone laughing with his funny chat in between and even during songs. All you hard core Panda fans who can't believe that Panda Lasagne can do acoustic - come and see them at The Resolution on 19th when we have pinched their PA yet again.
This is James and Sean and some strangers fat head.

So please go along around 8 p.m. Admission is free, as always, and Whitby Now just ask that you buy a few raffle tickets and throw some coins into the tip bucket (silver/gold or paper money please.) so that they can raise some funds towards their November productions.
This is my first blog so excuse all errors. I have no idea what this is going to look like - but am glad I had a go.


FredFlintstone said...

Where did you get that old picture of me from? I've changed a bit since then!!!!

How come everyone else got a normal picture?

Jon said...

Love it??? I do it to spite you all. Oh, you think I'm joking, do you?