Saturday, 28 June 2008


As I write this Glastonbury is in full swing. A quick glance at the telly and Amy Winehouse is stumbling about looking thin as a rake. Eat some pies lass!

Its a sure sign that June is over and done with and July is about to start. I can see the coachloads of pensioners arriving now, complaining about the price of the Superloos and that the fish dock smells of fish. Its a FISH DOCK!

But there's lots to look forward to in July from the cream of our musical elite. For instance...


During July the Yabbas are doing a World Tour of The Star Inn, Whitby. They've also got a slot with The Blue Meanies and POPWATCH favourite Carl 'Wonderful Land' Robinson at The Spa Pavilion, just to break it up a bit.

July 3 - The Star, Whitby

July 10- The Star, Whitby

July 18- The Spa Pavilion

July 31- The Star, Whitby


Still after a new drummer as far as I know. I'll keep you updated though, in case you're fretting about it.


Speaking of drummers, Matt has now been officially installed on the Merkin's Myspace site, so he's definitely got the job. A contract of employment is being drafted as we speak. He doesn't have many heroes though. Just Pennywise up to now.


Very quiet at the moment on the Rangam front. I hope its not a sign that Heath's given up. Rangam have given many young bands a chance to play, and also brought loads of bands to Whitby that wouldn't otherwise have played here in a month of Sundays. When nobody else was doing it, Rangam were there flying in the face of apathy. Support Rangam and buy Heath a drink. Hero!


Always flagged as being 'Our very own answer to The Arctic Monkeys', but they're better than that. Their own songs are definitely gaining in stature and they're always exciting to watch.

July 6 - Culture Shock Festival, Northallerton

July 13- Border's Bookshop, Middlesbrough

July 20- Empire Red Festival, The Empire, Middlesbrough

That's 48 bands in one venue. It starts at midday and goes right through until 11pm. £5 in advance. I'd say that's value for money.


There's going to be an Ammonites CD out later this year it seems, on the Reverb Worship label, so keep a seasoned ear out for that gem.


A demo of a song provisionally called Seconds Out is available to listen to on Jon's site. Its songwriting as it should be done. Surprising lyrical twists and turns make it a punchdrunk lo-fi jewel. He hasn't got a name for it yet though, but he's open to suggestions. Also if you could chip in with a middle eight he'd be grateful too. However, as always, timewasters are actively encouraged.


Two magnificent songs recorded at the band's recent sojourn to a metal studio in Sheffield are now up on the Discarnate site. I don't know how they get the drums to sound like that either, you know where the bass drum goes right fast? Crikey! Click on the POPWATCH link to hear Purge The Unclean and The Voice Of Insanity.

An article on the mysterious Discarnate should be gracing POPWATCH soon, if the band send me the answers to my questions back. Keep a death metal eye out for that.


The lads are currently looking for gigs and polishing their shoes like nobody's business.There's a great video of them doing a song called Chimes on their MySpace site, which is in the POPWATCH links section. It also features Mark Liddell walking across the stage and fiddling with the mixing desk thingy a bit. Genius.


The Fraggies, as I like to call them, are putting on a gig at The Coliseum, Whitby on July 26th. Its a Whitby based version of the successful Music In The Basement shows they've been curating in Glaisdale recently. As well as their good selves you'll see Andy Stone, Barbara Hellen, Miles Cain and The Committee if you go. If you don't go, remember 90% of accidents occur in the home, so you're probably better off going out anyway. Safety first!

Also they play Kirkby Fleetham Folk club on July 19th in Northallerton.


Always busy. Pop over to their site, which is in the POPWATCH links for full details.

July 4 - Thornborough Festival

July 5 - Culture Shock festival, Northallerton

July 16- The junction, York

July 25- The Ship, Marske


Yes, even after all the time you've just spent reading this, Utoxator are still looking for a drummer! Have you tried down the back of the sofa lads?

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