Monday, 9 June 2008


There are now two chances to vote here on POPWATCH, so exercise your right to democracy immediately!

You can vote on what you think Whitby Now should concern itself with in the POPWATCH poll, but that won't change anything, its purely to gauge opinion and create an impression of what people think about what is surely a major asset to the town's musical community. Its not been endorsed by Whitby Now, neither is it meant to undermine them in any way.

Secondly, but way more importantly, you can vote for THE MERKINS! Yes Pug is standing for Mayor. If you vote him in he'll get to wear that right chunky chain thing. Can you imagine seeing his picture in The Gazette opening the new Homebase by unveiling a plaque featuring a picture of Saint Hilda holding a hammer and a nail gun? Of course not, silly! The Merkins need your help to become BAND OF THE WEEK on the Freaky Weasel Promotions site. If they win the site gives them loads of promotion, which in turn promotes Whitby and Whitby Music.

You see where it says THE MERKINS in blue here? Click on there to got to The Freaky Weasel site. You vote by leaving a comment under the photo of The Merkins. You'll find a Band Of The Week section with our heroes and a selection of no hopers. Click on the link and vote Merkins! The only slight snag is that it seems you have to be a friend of Freaky Weasel to vote. So put in a friend request now! Lets knock Whitby apathy on the head good and proper, with a big iron clawhammer! Oh dear, its back to that DIY theme again!

Here's Clicker with a nail gun, who'll come to get you if you fail to vote. Probably.

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Kyle said...

Is that a pisstake? is pug realy standing in for mare?