Tuesday, 11 November 2008


Here are the last five acts on Saturday night.

The order Jean gave me differs a bit from the one The Gazette printed, so I don't know for sure which one will prove correct, but who cares? As long as they all turn up and give it what for.

Eyes down, look in for a full house.


Sack The Juggler are a four piece blues band who don't have a MySpace site or any photos to speak of. Anyway, here's a juggler and a P45 form. I know its a bit literal, what do you want? Blood?
I can tell you that they create an intense soul vortex of sound, and Luke is no shrinking violet. He throws his head back and lets forth with such measured ferocity that the very fillings in your teeth will probably rattle free and fall out.
Expect heartbreaking blues, searing soul tunes and an expensive dentist's bill.


We used to go and see Carl every Thursday night at Rosie's and get him to do Shadows tunes like FBI and Wonderful Land. Come back Carl, we love you.

He's got lightning fingers this lad, even the Gazette says so. This year Clicker got Carl to light his annual bonfire by playing a Hendrix lick near to some wood. The resulting sparks ignited the kindling and WOOF! The whole lot went up (see picture).

A bucket of sand will be on standby at all times should the need for swift action arise. Be sure not to wear flammable clothing.


Rollercoaster, gotta make the most-a, dance dance dance the night away' as Barry Blue once sang. The DTs have a cavalcade of boogietastic covers that they've promised to bless us with, and boy are we ready to be blessed. Hallelujah!

The irrepressible Leafy got her name because of her uncanny ability to perform photosynthesis. Here she has absorbed all the light and colour from her fellow DTs leaving them drained and monochrome in comparison.

Other celebrities who can photosynthesise include Kate Moss, Robert Plant and Lesley Ash.

Loki are easily the best Manchester band to come out of Whitby. Their song 'Mint Town' was on Tom Robinson's 6 Music Radio show and they'll be unstoppable at Whitby Now.

Paul Locker goes at it like a man possessed. Always has done, and always will do, and its to his credit. I've seen him in bands in Whitby in the distant past, and he does the business.

With Chris Corner on bass and Chris 2 on guitar providing the propulsion, Loki could well take off like rockets into the night sky and explode in a shower of shimmeringred, green and blue.

As long as Ian Brown's not playing anywhere on Saturday that is.


When Alan left The Forefathers, rumours of their demise were rife but illfounded. More proof that you can't keep a good band down, and we're promised a spectacular finale tonight.

I sincerely hope Dave doesn't have too many difficult chords to play, because here he is struggling with a tricky Fdim7, and his brain is heating up so much that it's starting to emit light. Eeek!

For one night only they'll be performing as The Gorefathers. We don't know what they're going to do, but it'll probably involve lots of ketchup, so if you're intending having chips with tomato sauce from the snack bar, get in there before The Gorefathers buy up all the sachets.

There you go. That's Whitby Now 2008 all done and dusted. Its time to wander off home after a fantastic ten quidsworth of locally produced sonic pleasure and start preparing for next year

I leave you with the magnificent BARRY BLUE as a special treat to get you in the mood. Play this immediately before setting out.

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WhitbyNowSec said...

The order keeps changing all the time because the musicians suddenly remember they are supposed to be gigging elsewhere that night - or attending an Ian Brown Gig.
New order is this
Whitby Now Band
Alex Kirby
Carl Robinson
Jon Horne
High Tide
Sack The Juggler
and then as was!! If you start at 7, allow 20 minutes per act and 10 minutes change over you can extrapolate the new times - but PLEASE, do be careful, someone tried that over on Facebook and ended up with severe carpet burns.
x jean