Friday, 17 October 2008

One Poet Short of a Bill

Word has come from the Pride Of Whitby that this virtual zine's moderator, some would say editor, is not doing Whitby Now this year - Whitby Now being the multi-faceted festival of coastally-based creative endeavour to be held on the 14th and 15th of November. I believe I am not alone in thinking this is a mistake. Hundreds of hormonal hoolies hacking away at guitars makes for a good evening's entertainment in my opinion, but oh, how much better it is when leavened with poetry and practiced sarcasm.

Thus I will be posting dodgy recordings of Chris, taken from an open-mic night at Java when he forgot his notes and had to recite poems from failing memory, until he relents and promises to do at least a short set.

Here's the Pitbulls' Wedding. I like this one.

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WhitbyNowSec said...

Hear Hear Jon. I have never felt that Chris didn't go down brilliantly whether it was the Bridge beer garden or the Spa pavilion - hell I bet he could play Wembley Arena!