Monday, 1 February 2010


Mrs Alice Galilee owned a cottage in Jackson's Yard which she rented out. In 1847 she made a bequest that the income from the cottage should go towards providing bread for the poor of the parish.

As you enter St. Mary's Parish Church, Whitby, the first pew on the left hand side is the churchwarden's pew. On the wall above the pew is a rack on which this bread was placed. Charity bread cupboards and traditional bread doles are not uncommon, like the ones at Cartmel Priory and Kirkby Stephen for example, both in Cumbria.

The fund provided by Mrs Gallilee has now been merged into the Whitby United Charities, and the bread is now no longer placed there before every Sunday morning service. The custom still continues on the main festivals of the Church's year though.

I have it on good authority that bread from Woodhead's bakery is prefered to that from Botham's as it lasts longer.

This is not meant as an endorsement of any particular bakery. As well as the two mentioned, other quality purveyors of bread and bread related items are available in the town. Remember bread prices may go up as well as down.

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