Thursday, 5 February 2009


On Thursday 29th of January The Banter played The Speakeasy in York. Jack Wilson of The Scarlett Alliance was there, and this is his report.

Back from what they told me was a Christmas break are our delightful four piece The Banter. Although it was declared a break, they brought new tunes to the dance floor of the Speakeasy in York. They'd clearly been hard at work writing new stuff.

The Banter were supporting Oasis founding member Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs (now in fact ex-Oasis), who was performing a DJ set. They were more than a little excited, and maybe a trifle nervous. Well you would be wouldn't you?

Come the time they hit the stage, nerves were nowhere to be seen. With a soaking of lager for the front of the crowd and a swagger to their instruments, it was a clear indication that this band is rapidly becoming extremely comfortable with the bigger gigs.

Showcasing new songs “Devil's Eyes” and “Taboo”, The Banter again showed us how to jump up and down without a care in the world, as others merely looked on. They may well have been wanting to join in though.

The early chatter from Jericho brought loud cheers from familiar faces in the audience when he proclaimed “We’re from Whitby, anyone else from Whitby?” The fifty traveling fans then turned the gig into a football stadium with the usual “ YORKSHIRE! YORKSHIRE!” chants that follow the lads wherever they play. Being in York tonight though, it seemed rather appropriate.

At one point Jericho told us that if we listen to the popular charts, we should know the next song, and that The Banter wrote it. It was “Children Of The Night” which I understand is a popular dance song. I’m guessing they didn’t write it. In fact I know they didn’t.

Forgetting this lie, they pulled off a fantastic cover, getting the room moving a lot more than before, which seemed impossible until it happened. The old favourite “Saturday night, Sunday morning” rushed by at an alarming pace leaving me and many others exhausted.

“Turn The Music Down” is a song which twist and turns like no other. The tempo changes all the time. You think you have a chance to rest, then it kicks back in and you have to shift your feet for more jumping around. The last part of the song brings manic shouts of “Ratatataarr” from Jericho, followed by “Dadadadaar” from Sean. A massive cue for the audiencet to join in, indeed I found myself enthusiastically participating.

The new songs are on The Banter's MySpace page, so you can listen for yourselves by clicking their link. On the night the new tunes slotted in as if they'd been playing them since they started. As the set came to a close Nicky thudded his bass, Kane crashed his symbols, Sean took a swig of his beer and Jericho kicked his mic stand over. Stunning live music again from The Banter.

They were due to play York again on 27th February supporting Bez and his new band Domino Bones. Unfortunately that gig has been cancelled, but you can bet your life that it'll take more than a lost gig with a Celebrity Big Brother winner to keep this band down.

Yorkshire! Yorkshire!


WhitbyNowSec said...

Excellent review Jack. You are good at this! I hope The Banter lads are chuffed with you. It sounds like it was a brilliant night.

I I I said...

yeah Jez enjoyed it. I use to want to be a journo so i use to practice at it haha